Temple Lodge

Standalone asset description:

This asset was based on about 50 photos that I took of an actual small building in Hyde park London.

My aim was to achieve a battle-torn and lonely feel to this, lit only by moonlight and torch fire, and to make it with a variety of techniques rolled into one.


High Poly to Low Poly bakes.

Modelled in Maya, arches sculpted in Zbrush.

Triangles: 10312, Materials: 5, Channels: 2, Textures: 9

Rendered with: Mental Ray

I sculpted the archways using zbrush and sampled to low poly game-display mesh. And painted a dirt map on a second UV channel.

This building has two UV sets; one for the colour and normal maps, the other contains unique uv space for the overall dirt texture.


Asset Images

Behind the scenes images

Photo reference I used: