Final Fight: Double Impact

Platforms: PC, XBLA, PSN

Publisher: Capcom

Released: April 2010


Description of my role on the project:

Working from concept drawings, all the items in this whole scene I modelled, textured, lit and polished.

This is the front end menu screen for the game.


Scene triangle count: 15761

All lighting was baked into the textures because the lighting never needed to change during runtime, and so it could look higher quality having been pre-rendered. The Emulated arcade games were played on the screens of the archade machines that I modelled. I sourced the original cabinet artwork and accurately modelled real arcade machines from the era.

Software used:

Modelled and UVed and lit in Softimage XSI.



Game footage of this project. I captured and edited this showreel.
I filmed this event, edited and produced this video:

Game Images

Behind the scenes images