Crackdown 2

Platforms: Xbox Live Arcade

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Released: July 2010


Description of my role on the project:

I worked on 3 main areas for this premium add on pack:

1. ATV vehicle.

  • The ATV all terrain vehicle that has 3 levels of detail painstakingly modelled and textured, although I did not design it. The scene also contains a very complicated array of game anchor points for animated parts and particle and light effects, sound, door handles and hinges, petrol cap target etc..
  • ATV also consisted of several damage volumes and morph damage models, specialist materials, collision models and separate parts for in game dynamics and effects.
  • The texture was split into 3 channels, red was for panel texture detail and tinted by the in game material, the green was metal, and the blue channel was damage scratches which appeared slowly as the vehicle was damaged in game.
  • I also extensively trouble-shooted and tested shading problems and suspension components problems.

2. Bouncing Bomb:

  • Designed and modelled and textured (not pictured in this gallery), and it’s corresponding game anchorage and testing..

3. Particles creation and design:

  • Using an Xbox development kit I designed several particle effects for new game modes for the cars and bases and the boost boots etc.

Part of an outsource project from Ruffian Games to Proper Games where I was employed. 

On this project I directly exported into the game to test, tweak, fix and check in.

Software used: 3dsmax and dev kit interfacing and particle editor.

Game Images

Behind the scenes images