Bobcat 753

Standalone asset description:

Based on the real life bobcat skid loader.

Asset not published with a game but was an art-test for Guerrilla Games.


High Poly to Low Poly bakes.

Ambient occlusion was originally baked into the textures but the photoshop files contain the textures without.

A highly detailed model was made from which the normal map detail was directly sampled.

Rigged for animation – the bucket and it’s hydrolic system replicating the real movement.

Textures: authored at 2048.

Triangles: 4342

Build time: 8 days

Software used: Maya and photoshop.

Description of process:

1. Collected dozens of photos of the bobcat and studied how the 753 model is constructed.

2. Modelled all the high resolution parts suitable for surface sampling.

3. Created the low poly geometry pieces. This is either made from scratch or from geometry kept from the previous high resolution parts’ initial low poly base. Corresponds directly to the high poly mesh.

4. Baked ambient occlusion for one half of the high model (using auto UV mapping and a 4096 texture). X mirrored and welded corresponding pieces.

5. UV Mapped one half of the low model (chequered for even surface space); X mirrored; combined corresponding sections and welded verticies; flipped reversed UVs; sewed UVs to the other half and layed everything out for the final low poly UVs; removed any unnecessary edges.

6. Sampled the AO and the normals from the high to the low at 2048.

7. Painted the colour map, from that the roughness map, and added any additional surface detail through photoshop normal map filter from the colour map into the sampled normal map, instead of applying it as a bump on the high rez model before sampling to normal map.

Asset Images

Behind the scenes images