Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Platforms: Xbox 360

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Released: April 2006


Description of my role on the project:

Made several game weapons with two levels of detail (3000 to 8000 triangle count) for EA’s ‘Battlefield 2: Modern Combat’ for Xbox 360.

Starting with only the name of the real weapon I collected as many photos as possible which took some time, but then was able to accurately model in detail. Then I’d UV it, then proceed to remove edge detail while preserving UV’s.

All interior detail and separate moving parts for animation was required, which you can see in the gallery below.

Each weapon took 3 days to model two LOD’s with UV’s which was passed over to the texture artist who took 1 day to complete.

I also made a damaged version with LOD’s of an already-made boat.

All models have non-overlapping surface coordinates suitable for normal and ambient occlusion maps.


Worked on a contract in-house at Escape Studios in a hand-selected 6 person team consisting of 5 artists and 1 producer.

Game Images

Behind the scenes images