Chris Bradwell

Creative entrepreneur and 3D artist


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Hi! Glad you’re here. I’ve split this into a professional section and personal section:


For several years I’ve been creating commercial computer games and architectural visualisations, as an in-house employee and running my own business, respectively.

I’m very well versed in transforming concept art, drawings, plans, CAD and reference photos into complete models and scenes and environments.

It was my hobby for years before because it is an absolute joy to do.

For all the projects I’ve worked on I’ve created real-time ready high and/or low poly models with color, roughness and normal maps with good material design and instance use.

Naturally I’m very familiar with post process camera effects and natural lighting design whether using image based, real-time or baked lighting whether through global illumination and sky domes and such, and all the specific scene settings to get the best look overall.

While making games it has been normal to work across different projects, setting and adhering to standards in setups, procedures and visual styles so that consistency and quality in each project can be achieved efficiently.

For the previous 7 years I’ve been running my own business: Live Visual designing promotional solutions for organisaitons by using CG.

Really about me, personally:

I’ve been married 11 happy years and have a 4 year old boy; you might see some of the adventures we get up to on my Instagram account!

There’s a lot of things I’m into, some come and go. Usually I have a new project on the go outside of work like building a tree house and slide for my son to enjoy (well that’s my excuse) I like to run, but not too often. I watch a lot of films, and if I’m not doing that I’m reading an insightful book so that I’m always growing in my thinking and actions to live a life of fullfilment and meaning.

I’m consistently committed to personal growth by being intentional about the way I think and the way I communicate and to be completely genuine in all that I do. I’m drawn to others that share that sentiment.

Running my own business has been the most stretching experience I’ve ever had. But I’m not scared of taking on risk and trying different ways to progress each time that I fail at something, and to carry on and push through.

Cheers to progress 🙂

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My current software skills, shown as the relational total time I’ve used them in commercial production:

  • Maya
  • 3DS Max
  • Softimage
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Unity
  • Photoshop
  • Premier Pro
  • After Effects
  • Illustrator
  • Source Control (Perforce or SVN)
  • WordPress
  • Hansoft
  • Trello